Many scenarios call for obtaining a legalized and authenticated criminal background check. Canadian document authentication is much easier to secure than many realize, but how does one know if it is necessary?

When is a Criminal Background Check Required?

If an individual is traveling to another country for work, asked to provide a police record check for a new job, or planning to emigrate to a new country, having an authenticated and legalized criminal background check is necessary. Specifically, countries including the Netherlands, Panama, Spain, Korea, Kuwait and Qatar all require legalized and authenticated criminal record checks.

What Is Canadian Document Authentication?

Authentication is provided by the Government of Canada to prove that the signature, seal and position of an official on a document issued or certified in one jurisdiction or country is genuine. This ensures that the document can be recognized in another jurisdiction or country. Once this is completed, the document can be legalized by foreign embassies here in Ottawa. Once this process is completed, the given document will be recognized for use overseas. Once an individual obtains a name-based criminal record check document, it must be notarized by a Canadian notary public in Canada. If the individual seeking this documentation already lives in Canada, they can simply search for a local agency that provides services such as digital fingerprinting, such as Reliability Screening Solutions Inc.

Canadian document authentication and legalization may be required for a new job, emigration or studying and teaching abroad. With the right help, it does not have to be a complicated process.

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