Submission of Digital Fingerprints for Vulnerable Sector Screening


Why you should use our service

  • We are an RCMP Accredited fingerprinting agency
  • We can have your results back to you in a few days instead of having to wait for months with the normal process!
  • We can capture your fingerprints electronically at numerous locations across Canada and submit them in minutes to the RCMP
  • We also accept ink fingerprints taken at Canadian Police Services and convert them to a digital format certified by the RCMP
  • Your certified criminal history results embossed by the RCMP are mailed directly from the RCMP to the Canadian Police Service that is completing the Vulnerable Sector Screening within 3 days of being submitted

Who uses our service

  • Vulnerable Sector screening is conducted on individuals who work with persons who are less than 18 years of age, or because of their age, a disability or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent, are:
  1.  in a position of dependence on others; or
  2.  otherwise at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by persons in a position of authority or trust relative to them.
  • Canadian Police Services, with your signed consent, will conduct an electronic search of the CPIC Investigative, Intelligence and Identifications data banks and any local data banks for available information about you. Among other things, the Police Service will search for any information on file relating to:
  1. criminal convictions,
  2. outstanding charges before the courts,
  3. probation information (including peace bonds, restraining orders, and reporting conditions),
  4. any prohibitions relating to you (includes firearms,driving, hunting and boat),
  5. federal or provincial parole information, and
  6. information relating to whether you are suspected of committing a criminal offence or are involved in a serious criminal investigation.
  • When Police Services conduct a Vulnerable Sector name check of records held by the RCMP the search would return a possible pardoned sex offense if there is an individual in the the pardoned sex offender registry who has the same sex and date of birth as you. As a result of this type of search it is expected that there will be a large precentage of the general public who needs to be fingerprinted to work in the Vulnerable Sector.
  • We serve the needs of people who work or volunteer in the Vulnerable Sector who need to provide evidence through the submission of fingerprints that they do not have a pardoned sex offense.

How to engage our services

  • Fingerprints submitted for the purpose of a Vulnerable Sector Screening can only be submitted by us if you have been referred to us by a Canadian Police Service. The Police Service needs to complete a VSS Referral Form authorizing us to perfrom this service. Please download and ask your Police Service to complete this referral. Note: You should be aware that, while we are authorized by the RCMP to provide this service, it is up to your Police Service to decide if they are willing to refer you to us for fingerprinting.

Download VSS Letter of Instruction Form

  • The RCMP search results resulting from a Vulnerable Sector fingerprint submission can only be returned to the Canadian Police Service that referred you. Please complete the Third Party Consent Form which authorizes us to have your results sent to that Police Service. If you are attending one of our offices for LiveScan, then no impression of your thumb is required on the form. If you or the Police Service will be sending us ink fingerprints for scanning, please ensure that the form is printed on a single page of 8.5″ x 11″ Letter (A4) paper, and have a flat impression of your thumb applied to this form.

Download 3rd Party Consent Form

  • Many rural or remote communties in Canada have been unable to serve the needs of their residents because they are not able to submit digital fingerprints for criminal background screening to the RCMP. In Canada, fingerprint submission is the only way in to obtain a Certified Criminal History. If you are near a local police department that is able to roll ink fingerprints, then we are able to expedite the fingerprint submission process by digitizing the fingerprints and submitting them electronically to the RCMP.

Click this link to get started: Expedited Ink Fingerprint Digital Submission

  • If you are able to go to one of our many Canadian locations or wish to arrange to have us come to you, then we can provide a live fingerprint capture service.

Click this link to get started: Book Canadian Digital Fingerprinting

  • If you do not reside in Canada, you are not eligible for Vulnerable Sector Screening. You are however able to get a complete copy of any RCMP Criminal Record data holding including active criminal history, pardon records (including Pardoned Sex Offenses), and archive records. It is important to note that this is more information than could normally be obtained from the RCMP via a regular employment fingerprint submission and, as such, it will not be released by the RCMP directly to a third party; only you yourself can receive it. The record is an accurate disclosure of information held by the RCMP. While it is provided by the RCMP it is not certified by them as it may contain charges that have been laid that are still awaiting disposition. If your international employer is in the Vulnerable Sector then you may wish to assure them that you do not have a Pardoned Sex Offence by submitting fingerprints to receive a complete Non-Certified disclosure of your Criminal History Information. This can be done by selecting “Privacy Act Request – Non-Certified Criminal Information” from the international fingerprint page.

Click this link to get started: International Fingerprint Submission

  • Note: If there is no nearby police service or private fingerprint agency please email us at Click this link to go to web email form and we will try to accommodate your needs.