Reliability Screening Solutions Inc.(RSSI) was established to address the ever-growing need to protect sensitive information, intellectual property, clients and employees. All organizations, including all levels of government, corporations and non-profit organizations, can be adversely affected by employees and contractors who have not been screened to establish their reliability.

Employers and agencies entrusted with sensitive and valuable assets know that it is their responsibility to protect their trusted employees and the interest of clients and stakeholders. While it may seem harsh, experience has shown that thorough screening of new employees, and trusted relationships, is the best way to protect your organization and those with whom you deal.

At RSSI, we understand the sensitivity with which background screening needs to be conducted. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, accurate and prompt response to address our clients’ need for identity, credential and reliability assurance. We have a number of screening services that have been designed to address your specific needs. We strive to make the neccessity of screening cost-effective and convenient.

RSSI relies on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business to build a customer base. Customer satisfaction is critical to our growth and prosperity. We value our clients and we work closely with them to improve our services and to provide ongoing value to their businesses.

If your employees are permitted to have fingerprints taken for criminal background screening during regular business hours, you will likely find that even for one set of fingerprints, it is still less expense to have us come by your office to submit prints. Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. also holds frequent events in convenient locations where your employees can drop by for immediate service.