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Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) is intended to investigate the existence of issues that would not normally be found in a standard third-party Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) check which can only identify that convictions may or may not exist.  If an individual has been pardoned, the CPIC check would indicate that no convictions exist.

The biggest concern with CPIC checks is that the results do not include pardoned offences – including, what is a big concern for employers, pardoned sex offences and violent crimes.  For this reason, I am a strong advocate of establishing a baseline with the use of fingerprints.   A fingerprint submission known as a privacy act request for a non-certified criminal history will provide a complete history of all information on that individual that is held in the National Repository of Criminal Records managed by the RCMP here in Ottawa.  These records include information on young and pardon convictions.  Due to their potentially sensitive information, these results can only be returned to the individual.   

The other area of concern is if an individual may have notes in a local police record management systems (RMS) that have not resulted in charges, but could possibly prevent that person from obtaining a VSS certificate.  When police services use the Police Information Portal (PIP) for information sharing which involves police, public safety, and federal agencies across Canada, then this valuable data is available to all police services.   

Once an individual has had a check done with fingerprints verifying that no charges or convictions exist, then it is a simple process to periodically request a premium CPIC.  This premium CPIC would include a review of other CPIC information as well as the PIP data shared through the local police’s RMS.  In short, if there is nothing in the individual’s record to start with, there will be nothing pardoned in the future, so long as you conduct an annual review.    Fingerprint results for clear individuals are returned by mail in 3 days and premium CPICs are returned the same day, so there’s no reason not to take this approach.  Let us know if you need help in your community.

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