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Fingerprinting for Canadian Background Checks for People Living in Sweden

Do you live in Sweden? Have you recently been advised to get fingerprints for a Canadian criminal record check? Reliability Screening can help. Fingerprinting is a fairly common request these days, often done for employment purposes or for applications for travel visas, immigration, etc. If you have ever lived in Canada or spent significant periods of time in Canada, you will need to show that you did not have a criminal record during your Canadian residence or stay. The way to do that is to obtain a fingerprint-based RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check.

The RCMP is the federal police authority in Canada and they are in charge of criminal databases. They provide the criminal record check you need moving forward. Reliability Screening Services Inc. is an experienced and trusted partner who can facilitate your Canadian criminal record check. People in Sweden and around the world have entrusted us with their criminal records and background checks, knowing our reputation as a leading provider of background screening.

Choose Reliability Screening for all Your Fingerprint-Based Processing Needs

We can work with you to get your fingerprints taken in Sweden, record check processed in Canada and the results turned around accurately and quickly – all the while keeping your security and confidentiality as priority. Look no further when it comes to fingerprint-based Canadian background checks, we’re a trusted and secure source.

  • Friendly and helpful customer service is available to assist you with any questions or clarifications
  • A well-known and trusted partner in Sweden & all around the world for Canadian record checks
  • Experience with thousands of companies and individuals for many years
  • We take the privacy and security of your data seriously

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How it Works

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1. Complete Form Online

Use our convenient online ordering tool to order the correct Fingerprinting check, and receive a detailed list of the documents we will require from you.

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2. Necessary Information

Once payment is complete, we’ll require a few different forms emailed or mailed in order to complete your background check application with the RCMP.

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3. We Handle The Rest

We file your documents with the RCMP to ensure you receive your Fingerprint check results ASAP. Wait times vary depending on the specifics of your check.

Official Sweden

Fingerprint Documents

Personal ID and Information

You will be required to show identification to the authorities in Sweden to get fingerprinted. During this process, ensure they have entered all your information correctly on all documents.


You can go to any fingerprinting agency or notary public office in Sweden to have your fingerprints taken. They will likely use classic fingerprint cards with ink, stamps, and a signature.


Official Documentation

The fingerprinting process may vary between locations, but just ensure that before you leave, your card is stamped and signed.

About Us

Fingerprinting in Sweden For a Canadian Record Check

If you require a fingerprint-based RCMP-certified Canadian criminal record check and are currently residing or living in Sweden, Reliability Screening is the #1 choice. From Kiruna to Ystad, residents of Sweden can rely on us every single time.

Following All Guidelines Outlined by the RCMP

Processes need to be followed strictly when it comes to Canadian RCMP Certified Criminal Record Checks otherwise applications can be declined. Avoid delays and choose Reliability Screening to help process your Canadian criminal record check today.


Frequently Asked Questions

We always go above and beyond to ensure the security and privacy of all of our customers. At Reliability Screening in Ottawa, your documents will always be safe. Dedication to the safety and security of data is one of the main pillars of our business. Over our many years of operation, we have earned repeat business and testimonials from our clients, and we continually strive to maintain the highest standards.

If you are looking for a secure and trustworthy agency to help facilitate your fingerprint-based records check, contact us today!

If you are a current or former Canadian resident that is currently residing in Sweden, you can get your fingerprints done and validated right in Sweden! Once you have done so, you can send your fingerprints securely to Reliability Screening and we will handle having them processed by the RCMP. You won’t have to worry about arranging any travel plans!

If you have any questions about Reliability Screening’s process, contact us today!

Client Testimonials

Perfect Customer Service

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They showed a perfect customer service at a distance! Their staff answered several questions by email/company contact form in minutes or a few hours later, or in less than 24 hours at most, helping me throughout the whole process.

Marilla A.

Fast & Hassle Free

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Having had my fingerprints taken before for previous Visa application with other companies, I can honestly say this was the fastest and most hassle free process I have ever had. The staff are very professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the business. I would not just recommend Reliability screening I can whole heartedly say from experience you would be silly to trust anyone else with such an important and sensitive application.

Matt O.

Polite & Friendly

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Professionalism , politeness and friendliness makes such a great difference in our working world. The gentleman that provided the services portrayed all three. That’s what customer service is all about. Keep up with the great job.

Brenda A.

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