Everything You Need to Know About CPIC Checks

CPIC checks are used widely by law enforcement agencies and employers in Canada to verify the records of employees and volunteers. This is vital in maintaining the security and safety of the organization in question.

Hence the team at Reliability Screening would like you to know everything about CPIC checks. 


What Is A CPIC Check?

CPIC Checks process

The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) is a repository managed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The database contains information on criminal records, wanted persons, missing persons, and a variety of other topics. A CPIC check is a background screening process that uses a name and date of birth to search through criminal records for matches in the system. The CPIC check does not require fingerprinting to search.

CPIC checks come in two forms:


  • Standard CPIC checks return search results with only convictions. If the target of your background check has none, you will get a negative result.
  • Premium CPIC checks also return search results with convictions, but they can also turn up pending charges, withdrawn charges, and additional data that may not pertain to convictions.


The CPIC system shares data on crimes and criminals with criminal justice and law enforcement agencies in Canada and internationally.

A CPIC check will return information that is only in the CPIC database. Hence it might prove limited for checking individuals who have spent significant time in other countries.


Who Is Likely To Get Them?

CPIC checks are mainly used to aid in background checks for potential employees, approving security clearances, and analyzing an immigrant’s application. Private organizations and people can also request CPIC checks for their own purposes.

CPIC checks can be used on anyone looking to take on a position that requires significant confidence and dutiful diligence. Positions in the military, law enforcement, government, and the like could require a CPIC check.


The Difference Between CPIC Checks and Other Criminal Checks

CPIC checks will have information based on individuals and activities in Canada. Other criminal checks could acquire information from databases in other countries like the United States.

The information contained in the CPIC system mostly pertains to criminal activity while other criminal checks might include information like credit and employment history.


Where Can You Get A CPIC Check?

CPIC Checks law enforcement

Getting the information contained in a CPIC check requires specific authorization, hence it is mostly reserved for individuals and organizations based in law enforcement.

CPIC checks may be requested by private companies and individuals but they will require the assistance of an authorized body and will have to pay the necessary fees for conducting the check. 

To conduct a CPIC check, identifying information like name, date of birth, current address, and other relevant information will be collected as well as consent for the conduction of the background screening.


What Shows On A CPIC Check?

The following kind of data might be revealed by a CPIC check:

  • Pending charges
  • Fugitive status
  • Arrest warrants
  • Criminal convictions
  • Immigration offences
  • Sex offender status


Reliability Screening – RCMP Accredited Screening Service

A comprehensive CPIC check can help you identify criminal history and other relevant information to protect your business. Leave nothing to chance and conduct a CPIC check to make informed decisions about your potential employees.

Please contact us if you need to conduct CPIC checks and any other kind of background investigation. Reliability Screening knows you have to be vigilant when hiring new employees. Trust us to help you protect your interests and brand.