Need Fingerprinting for a Canadian Records Check in the USA?

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You’re in the USA But Used to Live in Canada & Need Fingerprints

Are you a Canadian living in the United States, or perhaps an American that has lived in Canada? If so, you may find yourself in need of fingerprinting for a Canadian criminal records check. What would you need this for? Well, it can be necessary for certain situations such as applying for a job that requires background screening, or traveling, working, and living abroad.

Whatever the case may be, if you’ve been asked to get fingerprinted and obtain an RCMP certified criminal record check, we can help. The Canadian authority for criminal records database is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and we are accredited by the RCMP to submit electronic fingerprints to CCRTIS in support of these same criminal record checks. We’ll help you follow their specific guidelines to get your complete the process and be on your way.

Reliability Screening is a Leader in Fast & Accurate Canadian Criminal Record Checks

If you’re in the US and need fingerprints, Reliability Screening can help! We’ll let you know what you need and where to get it, then we’ll take your fingerprints and facilitate an expedited process with the RCMP in Ottawa. Why else choose us?

  • We Have Some of the Quickest Turnaround Times
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff
  • RCMP Accredited to submit electronic fingerprints to CCRTIS in support of criminal record checks
  • Thousands of People Have Benefited from Our Services

How it Works

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1. Complete Form Online

Use our convenient online ordering tool to order the correct Fingerprinting check, and receive a detailed list of the documents we will require from you.

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2. Necessary Information

Once payment is complete, we’ll require a few different forms emailed or mailed in order to complete your Fingerprint check with the RCMP database.

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3. We Handle The Rest

We file your documents with the RCMP to ensure you receive your Fingerprint check results as quickly as possible. Wait times vary depending on specific circumstances.

Official USA

Fingerprint Documents

Standard FBI
Fingerprint Card

Fingerprints are taken on the
FBI form FD258,
which is accepted for
Canadian background checks
without issue.

Each country has its own fingerprint card; the RCMP is familiar with these & will run the background check accordingly.

Fingerprints in the US

Fingerprinting services can be
provided by third-party
agencies, local police,
state police, sheriff, etc.
There are many options,
each compliant with
FBI & RCMP standards.

Each country has its own fingerprint card; the RCMP is familiar with these & will run the background check accordingly.

About Us

US Fingerprinting for Canadian Records Checks

If you need to submit fingerprints for the RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check and you’re located in the United States, we can make it happen. From New York to California, Texas to Massachusetts and everywhere in between, Reliability Screening helps people in the US get fingerprint-based Canadian criminal records checks. We’ll let you know what you need and how to get it, here to assist you every step of the way.

Adhering to Proper Standards

We provide the necessary guidance to ensure that the fingerprints you take in the USA will be recognized by Canadian authorities to get your records check processed.


Frequently Asked Questions

For RCMP Certified Criminal Records Checks submitted from the United States to Canada, you will need to provide rolled (ink) fingerprints, or a livescan printout. Reliability Screening will receive your fingerprint card by mail in Ottawa and process this with the RCMP; then send the results back to you in the USA.

Yes. We value your security and privacy. At Reliability Screening in Ottawa we go above and beyond the minimum standards and have made it a primary commitment to keep your data and identity safe and secure.

We have earned repeat business and testimonials from our clientele in Canada, the USA and around the world. We are continually making efforts to maintain the highest standards.

Yes. Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. is pleased to offer fingerprint-based Canadian criminal records checks to clientele worldwide, including the United States.

We feature fast turnaround times and secure processing. After your order has been processed, we will let you know what we’ll require from you in terms of information to complete the service in a thorough and timely manner and get your RCMP criminal record check processed & returned to you in the USA.

Client Testimonials

Explained Perfectly

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I needed a Canadian Criminal Check. With the help of Reliability Screening, it was easy! They answered all my questions right away and explained everything perfectly. They are very patient and helpful. Thank you so much!

– Karen M.

Fast & Effective Service

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They showed a perfect customer service at a distance! Their staff answered several questions by email/company contact form in minutes or a few hours later, or in less than 24 hours at most, helping me throughout the whole process.

– Marilla A.

Simple & Quick Process

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From start to finish, I was kept informed about my case, and I found email … communication to be prompt, friendly and very clear. I don’t usually write reviews, but want to help reassure anyone out there in the same position.

– Phoebe M.

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