Living in Nigeria? Reliability Screening Can Manage Your Canadian Fingerprint-based Record Check.

Canadian Fingerprinting & Records Check for People in Nigeria

Are you living in Nigeria and need fingerprinting for a Canadian criminal record check? You may have been asked to obtain a records check recently, perhaps for a visa, immigration application, or for a hiring process for a new job in Nigeria. Regardless of the reason, if you’ve lived or spent significant time in Canada, you’ll need an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check to show that you have a clean record in Canada.

Since you are residing in Nigeria, you can get fingerprinted and then submit your application overseas to Canada. The RCMP has strict guidelines and standards that if not followed, can result in the rejection of your application or significant delays. This is why thousands of people across the world have trusted Reliability Screening with managing their Canadian fingerprint-based criminal records check. Our team has years of experience handling these with accuracy, security and excellent service.

Full-Support & Fast Turnaround for Canadian Records Check

For those seeking immigration status, employment or various types of visas, you’ll be required to show a clean criminal record from Canada if you have ever lived here or spent significant time here. Reliability Screening is a trusted Canadian facilitator of criminal record checks. We’ll help you through every step of the process, from where to get fingerprinted in Nigeria to sending the kit to us in Ottawa, then getting it processed by the RCMP. All of this is done quickly, securely and efficiently.

  • Trusted partner in Nigeria & worldwide for Canadian Record Checks
  • Years of experience with RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check
  • Professional team committed to excellent customer service
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How it Works

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1. Complete Form Online

Use our convenient online ordering tool to order the correct Fingerprinting check, and receive a detailed list of the documents we will require from you.

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2. Necessary Information

Once payment is complete, we’ll require a few different forms emailed or mailed in order to complete your Fingerprint check with the RCMP database.

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3. We Handle The Rest

We file your documents with the RCMP to ensure you receive your Fingerprint check results as quickly as possible. Wait times vary depending on the specifics of your check.

Official Nigeria

Fingerprint Documents

Personal Information

Fill out your fingerprint card with the correct information and present it alongside a piece of ID when you arrive to have your fingerprints taken.


Fingerprints can be taken and certified by a police authority in Nigeria.


Police Documentation

Make sure the fingerprint card has been stamped and signed before your leave. The process for getting your fingerprints taken can vary depending on the location.

About Us

Fingerprinting in Nigeria for Canadian Record Checks

Are you living in Nigeria but need a fingerprint-based Certified Criminal Record Check from Canada? No matter where you are in Nigeria, Reliability Screening is the right choice for dependable and secure record check services.

Abiding by the RCMP’s Guidelines

Begin the process today and we’ll guide you through the steps you need to follow to get your results in a timely manner. We know what the RCMP is looking for to get your fingerprints properly run and certified for a record check.


Frequently Asked Questions

Rolled (ink) fingerprints are required by the RCMP for a fingerprint-based records check. These fingerprints also need to be done in black ink. In Nigeria, you will have to contact the police headquarters in the area you are living in to find out if fingerprinting is available at that location.

Contact our team at Reliability Screening if you have any questions about getting fingerprints done in Nigeria.

Yes, they are! Keeping the data and identity of our clients safe and secure is a priority at Reliability Screening. We make sure to exceed minimum standards in order to keep all documents secure. We have earned the trust of many people across the world and continually strive to provide secure services.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a secure agency to help manage your fingerprint-based records check.

Yes! Based in Ottawa, Reliability Screening is happy to help you manage your fingerprint-based records check while you are abroad. Our team will work with you every step of the way to make sure the process is seamless. You won’t have to worry about making a trip to Canada at any point in the process when you work with us!

If you are currently located in Nigeria and need assistance with your fingerprint-based records check, contact Reliability Screening today!

The RCMP holds high standards for the quality required for fingerprints to be deemed acceptable. If the quality of your fingerprints does not meet these standards, it can result in slower processing and can lead to your application being returned. That being said, to prepare for having your fingerprints taken, avoid any tasks that may be harsh on your fingers (rock climbing, manual labour…etc). We also recommend that you use glycerin-based lotions to hydrate your hand if you are prone to dry skin.

For more information on how to provide high-quality fingerprints, you can read our article about the RCMP Fingerprinting Policy Change. Contact us today if you have any more questions about fingerprint-based record checks.

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I needed a Canadian Criminal Check. With the help of Reliability Screening, it was easy! They answered all my questions right away and explained everything perfectly. They are very patient and helpful. Thank you so much!

– Karen MacArthur

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They showed a perfect customer service at a distance! Their staff answered several questions by email/company contact form in minutes or a few hours later, or in less than 24 hours at most, helping me throughout the whole process.

Marilla Assiz

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From start to finish, I was kept informed about my case, and I found email … communication to be prompt, friendly and very clear. I don’t usually write reviews, but want to help reassure anyone out there in the same position.

Phoebe Moffat

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