ISB Paralegal & Related Services Inc.

ISB Paralegal & Related Services Inc. provides a variety of services including US Waivers and Pardons to those who have criminal convictions in Canada that limit their ability to succeed in North America. Because US Waiver and Pardon applications need to be accompanied by fingerprint-based criminal history checks, we also provide our clients with fingerprinting services at our office. Fingerprinting can be done for many purposes including citizenship, permanent residency, Canadian employment, pardons and US entry waivers.

Our office practices safe and secure fingerprinting, as we are accredited by the RCMP to submit electronic fingerprints to CCRTIS in support of criminal record checks.

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ISB Paralegal & Related Services Inc.
Unit 204, 1339 Khalsa Drive
Mississauga (ON) L5S 1W6
Tel: 416-419-7803

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