Get a Canadian Criminal background check from outside of Canada.


Located in Ottawa, Canada, Reliability Screening Solutions, Inc. specializes in processing Canadian criminal history checks. These checks, often referred to as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), can be provided by either submission of fingerprints or name and date of birth. RCMP certified criminal history checks are processed with the submission of fingerprints to the RCMP Real Time Identification system (RTID). Canadian police certificates, or Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) checks, search your name and date of birth against the RCMP national repository of criminal records. Depending on the foreign country, both types of results can be authenticated by Ottawa-based foreign embassies for international visa applications.

Who Uses Our Services?

Reliability Screening Solutions provide criminal background checks and related services to those living in Canada, and abroad. If you have spent a period of 6 Months or more in Canada and need to provide a criminal record check, we can get you the documents you need. Canadians applying for a visa to work abroad, and foreign nationals immigrating to Canada or applying for a work visa in Canada, are our primary clients. Our most common application type is for a work visa, and of those, the E2 Visa for those teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), is our most popular submission type.

We do criminal background screenings in support of Canadian and International adoptions; foreign travel applications such as visas, U.S. waivers and border crossing; and employment applications for federal, provincial and municipal governments, as well as private industry and Canadian police forces. We also commonly screen for those interested in volunteer work; applications for immigration to Canada or Canadian citizenship; applications to obtain criminal records to apply for a pardon; name changes; and permanent residency status.

Why You Should Use Reliability Screening Solutions

We are an RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency that uses certified systems to submit electronic fingerprints. If you would like to receive confirmation of our accreditation directly from the RCMP, please email We can digitize any foreign fingerprint form.

Download – RCMP Accreditation Letter

Our RCMP Accreditation has been authenticated by the Korean Embassy in Ottawa. We will verify with other government embassies in Ottawa as required by the country seeking authentication.

Download – Korean Embassy Authenticated Notarized Credentials

We also conduct CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) criminal name checks under a Memorandum of Understanding with a Canadian Police Service.

We accept your fingerprints taken at police services, courts, government and other accredited private fingerprinting agencies around the world and convert them to a digital format certified by the RCMP. The RCMP C216C form is available for download on our website; however, it is also available at most Canadian Embassies and Consulates. We can also scan the FBI FD-258 fingerprint card that is available at American embassies and consulates and many other locations internationally. Most countries like to use their own finger forms, and we receive them from all over the world. The following is a list of the most common foreign fingerprint card types we process. We accept fingerprint cards from any country.  If you are concerned as to whether or not we can digitize your fingerprint card,  just call us or send a sample and we will confirm that we can process your application.


We submit your fingerprints immediately upon receipt and are able to provide proof of successful submission to the RCMP.

Your certified criminal history results, embossed by the RCMP, are mailed directly to you within three days of being submitted.

Please note that fingerprint-based searches submitted to the RCMP provide official certified results sent to you or your designate directly from RCMP on RCMP letterhead, embossed and signed by the RCMP.

Some countries, such as the Republic of Korea, require all foreign documents (for example, an RCMP Certified Criminal History Check) to be confirmed as authentic before being accepted. We can hand deliver your RCMP Certified Criminal History Check to the necessary embassies here in Ottawa and have them stamped before sending them back to you. Please contact us for a quote for your specific country.

Details of Our Service

RCMP Certified Criminal History Check (Fingerprints)

If we can not process your country’s fingerprint form, you can get a copy of the RCMP C-216C form from a local Canadian government office or download the RCMP C-216C fingerprint form. Print it on legal size paper (8.5″ by 14″/ 216 mm x 356 mm) and fill in the same information as the online form as required.

Please ensure that the fingerprint location and printed name (in addition to the signature) of the official taking the fingerprints are clearly written in English or French characters.

Download – RCMP C216C Fingerprint Form – PRINT ON LEGAL SIZE PAPER (8.5″x14″)

Printing out the C-216C form and correctly placing the fingerprints will ensure that your application can be submitted without errors to the RCMP. Your local police service may also have a form that is compatible with our service. Please download the Fingerprint Placement Instructions to assist you in this determination.

Download – Fingerprint Placement Instructions

We are also capable of digitizing fingerprint cards from all foreign police services. Provided that the fingerprints are all on one side of the card, the order of the individual fingerprint images does not matter. For example, in Korea, the left hand is on the top row, and the thumbs are to the right of the rolled fingers. In Australia, the left hand and right hands are rolled opposite directions to each other. We can scan both of these card types and many more. Ideally, all 14 fingerprint impressions (i.e. 10 fingers rolled, two flat fingers, and two flat thumbs) are present; however, we can submit forms with the two flat thumbs missing (images number 12 & 13). Also, ensure that none of the 14 fingerprint impressions are sideways or on the back of the card.

If the RCMP search results are to be sent to anyone other than yourself, please include a completed Third Party Consent form with a flat (not rolled) impression of your right thumb. Please ensure that the form is printed on a single page of 8.5″ x 11″ letter (A4) paper.

Download – 3rd Party Consent Form

Contact the nearest police service that offers fingerprinting services, and have them capture the 14 impressions on the RCMP form, and if necessary, a single flat impression on the 3rd party consent form. We will accept fingerprint forms from foreign countries that contain the following: rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers; full name, date of birth and sex of the applicant; the name, address and telephone number of the police service or other accredited fingerprinting agency; the signature (and clearly printed name in English or French characters) of the official taking the fingerprints.

Note: If there is no fingerprinting location nearby, email us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Fingerprints arriving at our scanning facility will be processed same-day, and you can expect to benefit from our industry-leading turnaround time.

Email or Fax of RCMP Results

If all you require is a emailed or faxed copy of your search results, it can be arranged by selecting our ‘Scan and Email’ shipping option. You may also choose this option if you are looking for an advanced copy of your criminal history search results.

Embassy Authentication / Legalization of Documents

If the country receiving your search results requires them to be authenticated by one of their embassies or consulates in Canada, we provide this service by hand delivering documents directly to the necessary parties. Our services have standard pricing for the first document in addition to discounted pricing for any additional documents. For example, Korea requires authentication of both the certified original RCMP criminal history search results, as well as academic qualifications. We are well versed in these processes, and will be able to help navigate your unique circumstances. For further example, in Korea, authentication of a notarized copy of the diploma requires it to be presented with the original diploma and a sealed envelope of original transcripts and a copy of the applicant’s passport along with the documents being authenticated. We have extensive experience in these situations, and will make sure no crucial details are overlooked.

Notarization of Documents

In addition to a criminal history search, when undergoing background screening for a visa or immigration application, a notarized or certified copy of other credentials may be required for official government or court purposes, as well as commercial purposes. Working on your behalf, we can have your original degrees, diplomas or other important documents notarized for presentation to the various embassies in Ottawa.

CPIC Name Check

If the company, government agency or other organization requesting your criminal background search does not require a fingerprint-based search result, we can conduct a CPIC name and date of birth check to complete your request. Once we have received your order, we will send you the appropriate documents to be completed for identity verification and consent. An embossed and signed CPIC check on original police service letterhead can be returned in less than 24 hours.

Premium CPIC Name Check

A CPIC Name Check is a query of the Identification Data Bank by a police agency using a person’s name and date of birth to identify the possibility of criminal convictions. This type of check, however, omits checks of other data banks that could provide valuable screening information. Our Premium CPIC Name Check provides a thorough review of other data banks, including those that identify outstanding entries, such as charges and warrants, judicial orders, peace bonds, probation and prohibition and absolute and conditional discharges.

Premium CPIC Name Check also reviews for criminal charges resulting in dispositions, including but not limited to, cases where charges have been withdrawn or dismissed and cases where the individual has been found Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of Mental Disorder, and charges that are pending, as listed on local indices. This check also reviews for negative police contacts, including but not limited to, theft, weapons, sex offences or violent, harmful and threatening behavior.

Declaration of Criminal Record

There are only three possible outcomes of a CPIC Name Check:

  • Negative: This is the best outcome because it means that no association could be made with a criminal record.
  • Incomplete: This result means that there is a possible match to a criminal record and that fingerprints should be submitted to certify that the match is or is not correct.
  • Confirmed: This is when an individual declares an existing criminal record, and we have been able to confirm that this declaration is a complete and accurate record of information held in the data bank. If the record cannot be confirmed, then the result will be returned “Incomplete.”

CPIC Name Checks are fast, but criminal information can only be confirmed, not disclosed, by the police service. Therefore, if the individual is aware of an existing criminal record, they should use our declaration of criminal record option.