ID Check Canada Inc.

ID Check Canada have successfully completed the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) Accreditation process which authorizes them to capture non-criminal fingerprints and submit them digitally, to the RCMP for Criminal Record verification.

ID Check Canada specializes in providing cost effective services to address the clear and ever growing security screening needs of both the private, public and government sectors. They are able to submit applications for Name and Date of Birth record checks, as well as RCMP & FBI Fingerprint services.

ID Check Canada provides fingerprint services for:

Permanent Residence
Employment (Federal, Provincial, Private)
Record Suspension (Pardon Application)
Visa /Boarder Crossing/ Foriegn Travel / Work permit aboard/US Waiver
Privacy Act
Name Change
Government Department for contractors and Licenses
All non-Criminal Purposes.

Contact Us
ID Check Canada Inc.
1396 Rue Saint Catherine Ouest, Unité 421
Montreal, QC H3G 1P9Buisness hours: Monday to Friday 9h30 am – 17h30 pm
Saturday 10h00 am – 14h00 pm
Principal Buisness phone number: (514) 357-8200
Toll Free number: 1-888-596-5736 ext 101

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