Global Fingerprinting Services Canada

About Us

Global Fingerprinting Services Canada Ltd. is an associate of Reliability Screening Solutions Inc., an authorized fingerprinting agent of the RCMP. We provide criminal record checks (CPIC) based on name and date of birth, and fingerprinting services for:

  • Non-criminal record checks for employment;
  • Citizenship and immigration;
  • Pardons and waivers;
  • Foreign immigration; and
  • Other processes which may require submission of fingerprints.

We are in the business of providing card scan fingerprints for expedited results, and ink-and-paper fingerprints where required for foreign police certificates and other needs. All personal information from clients is treated as confidential. We also provide value-added services unique in the fingerprint service industry. Our staff has many years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Our work experience is drawn from careers in forensics, law, policing, security, the military, and customer service.


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Head Office
926-470 Granville Street
Vancouver BC V6C 1V5

Tel: 604-569-3378
Toll Free Tel: 1-888-218-5137
After Hours:778-321-1472
Fax: 604.569.3498