Daily Mail Father ordered to quit after CRB check wrongly labels him a hardened criminal Daily Mail David Reay was wrongly identified as being guilty of offences including burglary, theft and possession of cocaine when details of a criminal with a…

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

David Reay’s unfortunate problem could not have occurred in Canada, and could have easily  been avoided.  In Canada, Reliability Screening Solutions is authorized to submit name and date of birth checks, such as the type that would have wrongfully identified Mr. Reay as a criminal.  We conduct these checks because that is an option the clients want because they are very inexpensive and really fast. Fortunately, for people like Mr. Reay these Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) name checks can only result in two possible outcomes, the first outcome “Negative” is that no criminal record could be found and the second “Incomplete” is that a criminal record may or may not exist; no details are exposed.  In the event that the outcome is incomplete, then the applicant needs to submit fingerprints to confirm that the record is or is not really theirs.  In countries where the criminal record is released, such as in  Mr. Reay’s case two individuals are actually hurt in the process; the one who doesn’t get the job and the other person whose criminal record has been exposed to a third party without their permission.  Fingerprint searches are also pretty fast with certified results received in the mail in 3 days, with perfect accuracy.  Why when so much is at stake would you even bother with the inaccuracies and possible liabilities around name checks?  It just doesn’t make sense.

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