Cop record checks are prompting B.C. probe The Province Denham said that while a criminal record check is a report of someone’s prior convictions, penalties or outstanding charges pulled from a national police database, such information can also…

This creates a very good case for using a third-party screening company to conduct your criminal history checks.  Companies such as Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. (RSSI) are strictly governed under the terms of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a Canadian Police Service and the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).  RSSI is not permitted to disclose any conviction or non-conviction information when conducting CPIC searches.  If a CPIC indicates that there may be a criminal history, then the applicant can declare their convictions and our police service partner will provide a confirmation that the declared conviction records are complete.  Standard CPICs do not check non-conviction data.  We can also request an adjudication of non-conviction data that other police services will determine requires further investigation with the applicant’s local police service.  Non-conviction information is never exposed – this is appropriate for both the applicant and the employer.  Employers in general do not want the burden of managing personal information, so less is better as long as the security of their business and their other employees is protected.  Police services that release all information are essentially abdicating their responsible to protect the applicant in favour of the employer.  Our CPIC MOU exists to ensure that the interest of the CPIC, employer, and the applicant are taken into account.

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