Changes needed to keep background checks in check, critics say
Ottawa Citizen
J.N., who has no criminal record, asked the Durham Regional Police Service to remove the reference from her background check but they refused.

There are a number of ways to get a criminal background check completed in Canada.  The most consistent and fair practice is probably via third party checks because they are strictly governed by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between a Canadian Police Service (CPS), a third party provider like Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. and the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).  There are three main types of name and date of birth based checks that are conducted, the most basic being a standard CPIC check.  Third parties conducting a CPIC check will only be able to report that a conviction does or does not exist, no details are provided and no non-conviction data is evaluated or reveal; conviction details can only be provided with the submission of fingerprints.  The second type of submission available is a CPIC declaration where an individual can declare the conviction that is in their criminal record.  Again, the only information that is provided to and available from the third party screening company is that the criminal record is confirmed or not.  For companies that may be interested in a more comprehensive screening of employees there is also an option where a third party screening company can request an adjudication of other information held in the CPIC database.  In this case, the CPS will review other non-conviction data and either recommend that the individual go to their local police service to complete the file, or they will provide a certificate that there is no relevant data of concern.   The case of JN the search would, based on the information provided, likely have been returned clear for both the CPIC conviction and non-conviction information with everyone involved appropriately protected.  

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