What You Need to Know About Digital Fingerprinting

When submitting a criminal background check with a company, employees may be required to undergo digital fingerprinting. If the fingerprinting results show no criminal charges by Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services, the results can take as little as 72 hours to complete, and with the added benefit of no ink-stained fingers.

Reasons for Using Digital Fingerprinting

In addition to employees needing a background check for security clearance or pre-employment screening, Canadian fingerprinting is required for Visa applications, citizenship applications, and adoption applications, as well as security guard licenses and medical marijuana licensed producers. Digital fingerprinting eliminates the chances of an applicant making a soft match with someone else who shares the same name and date of birth.

How Does it Work?

Submitting fingerprints electronically for a criminal background check is relatively easy. Simply visit a police station or accredited agency with a LiveScan device. These machines have replaced traditional ink and paper fingerprinting measures. Personal information needed to fill the request is entered directly into the agency’s software to create an electronic application. All fingerprints are destroyed after the results are released.

Visit an accredited Canadian fingerprinting company to experience this quick and easy solution to background checks.

What to Know About the New Mandatory Electronic Fingerprint Requirement

New measures are being taken regarding security screening for all government contractors, with a new fingerprint-based security clearance system now taking the place of traditional security methods. Read answers to common questions regarding this new law. 

What’s Changing About This Procedure?

In an effort to keep federal government employees and contractors accountable, instead of a simple criminal record name check, the hiring process will include submitting digital fingerprint scans for security clearance. These fingerprints are valid for one year and will remain on file for re-examinations for upgrades to security clearance. This scan is a new and improved continuation of background check processes that have been in place for years, but updated to accommodate the RCMP’s retirement of the name-based Criminal Record Check process previously used; as fingerprint-based systems will not only be quicker, but more accurate.

How Will This Process Work?

Whether it is for new hire or renewal of security clearance, fingerprints will need to be taken. A fingerprint service provider will take the prints and transfer them to the RCMP so they can conduct the background check. Once the check is completed, the RCMP provides the results to PWGSC so that the individual can complete their application. 

Contractors who work with the federal government or employees of federal agencies that require background checks after February 1, 2017 can have their fingerprints taken by Reliability Screening Solutions at one of their many affiliates across Canada. They are able to scan fingerprints directly using a live scan system where the person places their fingers on a sensor and the fingerprints are captured directly. Alternatively, traditional ink impressions on a C216C fingerprint form are taken and digitized to create the RCMP fingerprint submission. In either scenario, the data is securely sent to the RCMP for a security check and successful submission is almost immediate.

This new method of enhanced screening should prove a welcome change to a previously laborious process by cutting out several steps and focusing in on the most important and telling identification, the fingerprint. This new process will improve security as well as save time for everyone involved, when hiring or upgrading an employee or consultant’s personnel clearance.

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How to Open a New Digital Fingerprinting Business

A digital fingerprinting business does not require as much startup capital as some industries, and demand for this service is only growing. Getting accredited is demanding and time-consuming, but going through the process will secure the business’ place as a local fingerprinting resource. Let’s walk through the steps of setting up this type of business.

Accreditation With the RCMP

The RCMP accreditation process includes assessment of a company’s staff and location. All personnel will be subjected to security clearances and checks. After the required hurdles have been cleared, a business becomes an accredited digital fingerprinting agency. Although the process is burdensome, accreditation makes it difficult for illegitimate competitors to move into the area and undercut a company’s rates.

Get Help From Reliability Screening

Reliability Screening can help make the accrediting process go more smoothly. Our services are available for new fingerprinting businesses and startups. We provide a free consultation and needs analysis to assess the best pathways for achieving business goals. Because of our experience working with clients and the RCMP, Reliability Screening offers general recommendations to facilitate the application process. Recommendations from our consultants will help businesses meet site security requirements and identify any potential issues with staff.

For those seeking assistance to launch a new business in this growing field, Reliability Screening is here to help.