Suspected terrorist links to synthetic ID fraud are being ‘ignored’

Banks self-insure because it is cheaper to pay for client loss claims then to buy biometric based fraud prevention systems.The growing problem of synthetic identity fraud is raising concerns that terrorist cells could be linked to these schemes, experts say.


Banks self-insure because it is cheaper to pay for client loss claims then to buy biometric based fraud prevention systems.

Backlog in Toronto police criminal-background checks puts jobs at risk

The Toronto Police Services Board is grappling with how to manage a backlog in police background checks that grows by 200 new requests each day and reached almost 17,000 requests last year.


The solution to this problem is pretty straightforward and I am sure that Toronto Police Service is working towards the same goal.  There are currently dozens of private fingerprinting agencies in Toronto and the surrounding area that are accredited, by CCRTIS a division of the RCMP, to process VSS fingerprint-based checks.  The bottleneck is that to comply with the CCRTIS regulations the individual must first go to a police service and then be referred to a fingerprint agency.  If all VSS applicants had to first go to the private fingerprint agency, all the police service would have to do is receive the search results and issue the certificate to the VSS agency.  Reliability Screening Solutions itself has enough manpower in Toronto to easily handle the current VSS backlog.  I am optimistic that the workflow for VSS checks will soon change so that these checks can be processed without the need for police service additional funding.

Police: Fingerprint search led to 1977 escapee

A Michigan officer’s decision to look through old files on fugitives led investigators to a woman who escaped from a Michigan prison 37 years ago and was living in San Diego, authorities said Wednesday.

The article says – “many police agencies had fingerprints that matched Hayman’s but under different names.”  I still can’t believe that employment screening and visa applications aren’t all fingerprint-based.  At Reliability Screening Solutions Inc., we do this kind of screening every day for people around the world.  We are able to receive ink fingerprints from any country and search them against the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records within seconds.  It is simple, it is cheap, and it is the only type of search that the RCMP will certify.