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Bapco Journal: EDITORIAL CONTENT » Interviews . At the end of last month a hand-held, electronic mobile fingerprinting trail was launched

Fingerprint based searches are way better than simple name and date of birth checks. It is easy to get fake ID but if you search a criminal database using fingerprints it does matter what name an individual is using; if they are in there they will be identified.

Ontario must close loopholes on name changes, critics say

Critics are urging the Ontario government to tighten the rules for name changes to prevent people with criminal records from hiding their pasts.

Source: www.cbc.ca

Fingerprints clearly should be required for a name change; however, it is important to note that you can still change your name if you have a record.  In British Columbia and Alberta, the fingerprint submission to the RCMP adds the individual’s new name to the existing criminal record so that both names are now associated with the criminal file. 


In regards to residency, it is interesting that you can change your name after having lived in Canada for only 1 year, whereas you would not be able to work in the Federal Government, with the lowest level of screening, unless you have lived in the country for a minimum of 5 years. 


It seems to me that this is a simple policy to change, as Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. ( www.ReliabilityScreening.ca ) is able to provide fingerprint-based checks in less than 3 days from anywhere in Ontario.  Starting in July of 2014, the RCMP stopped accepting ink fingerprints. This is a non-issue because we are able to convert your ink files into digital submissions at our Ottawa scanning facilities.  The RCMP is also targeting July of 2015 as the end date for name-based criminal record checks, ending the problem of name changes. 

Expanding Background Check for Childcare Providers

Elly Lafkin’s baby, Cami, died tragically two years ago in a home daycare center in Harrisonburg, Va. She and her family experienced firsthand the need for expanded legislation regarding Virginia’s current background check process for childcare providers.

Source: www.connectionnewspapers.com

Fingerprint based checks are the only way to know for sure who you are dealing with  – why wouldn’t this be the standard – this should be a very short study.