When Do You Need a Legalized and Authenticated Criminal Background Check?

Many scenarios call for obtaining a legalized and authenticated criminal background check. Canadian document authentication is much easier to secure than many realize, but how does one know if it is necessary?

When is a Criminal Background Check Required?

If an individual is traveling to another country for work, asked to provide a police record check for a new job, or planning to emigrate to a new country, having an authenticated and legalized criminal background check is necessary. Specifically, countries including the Netherlands, Panama, Spain, Korea, Kuwait and Qatar all require legalized and authenticated criminal record checks.

What Is Canadian Document Authentication?

Authentication is provided by the Government of Canada to prove that the signature, seal and position of an official on a document issued or certified in one jurisdiction or country is genuine. This ensures that the document can be recognized in another jurisdiction or country. Once this is completed, the document can be legalized by foreign embassies here in Ottawa. Once this process is completed, the given document will be recognized for use overseas. Once an individual obtains a name-based criminal record check document, it must be notarized by a Canadian notary public in Canada. If the individual seeking this documentation already lives in Canada, they can simply search for a local agency that provides services such as digital fingerprinting, such as Reliability Screening Solutions Inc.

Canadian document authentication and legalization may be required for a new job, emigration or studying and teaching abroad. With the right help, it does not have to be a complicated process.

Fingerprinting new screening regime

Unions representing federal public servants are challenging the government’s plans to do credit checks of new and current public servants — and fingerprinting, in many cases — as part of its revamp…

Source: ottawacitizen.com

Criminal background checks and credit check have been part of the government security clearance process for years.  Government contractors routinely consent to these checks even for the lowest level Reliability Status.  The only change here is that fingerprints are being used instead of name and date of birth CPIC checks. This will be welcome relief for individuals who have had the misfortune of having a name and DOB that is a soft match to someone else who has a criminal record – forcing them to always be fingerprinted. Fingerprint based checks protect everyone, the objective here is to be sure of the identity of the person applying for the clearance – names can be changed, fingerprints can not.

Province to legislate what police can disclose about innocent Ontarians | Toronto Star

Ontario will table legislation in the new year detailing what information police can disclose to employers, volunteer agencies and academic institutions about Ontarians who have not been convicted of a crime.

Source: www.thestar.com

Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. is able to conduct criminal background checks using either Name and DOB or fingerprint-based searches.  With the consent of the individual this information can be released to a third party.  With name-based searches, no data is released – the only information provided is a standard response, that we are permitted to release, indicating that no criminal conviction information could be found or that there maybe be something but only a fingerprint-based check will confirm.