In today's unpredictable environment, companies and employers need to be vigilant when dealing with new employees or contract partners. Knowing the people you work with is essential to protecting a company's interests, data, assets, clients, and reputation.

Employers and Business owners have many ways of ensuring that they are hiring the right people onto their teams. That being said, most often the employees and hopeful applicants are the ones left looking for information and guidance.  The first step is knowing what type of Criminal Record Checks are available to you, and when to use them.

Types of Record Checks

RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check

Using your fingerprints, we submit an application for a certified criminal history check through the RCMP Real Time Identification System. This results in the most highly respected and thorough criminal background check result that one can get in Canada. If you need a Canadian Certified Criminal Record Check result for use overseas, this is the document that you require. We are able to legalize, authenticate, and notarize all results for foreign use.
This type of check is the preferred (or only) option for:

•  Citizenship and Permanent Residency
•  Government Security Clearances (DCN)
•  Pardons & Waivers
•  Controlled Goods Program
•  Foreign Travel & Work (Includes foreign VISA's)
•  Adoption & Name Change
Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) Check

While still a Federal criminal background check, CPIC Checks are handled differently than RCMP Criminal Record Checks. CPIC Checks are facilitated by searching one's Name and Date of Birth, not fingerprints, against the Canadian Police Information Center database of Criminal Convictions. We can also submit Premium CPIC Checks, which include non conviction data. While not accepted as often internationally, we are able to legalize, authenticate, and notarize all results for foreign use.

Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. provides reliable and professional digital fingerprinting and submission for all 17 application types, including: Pardons, travel visas, immigration, adoption, licensing, federal employment, legal name change, and other special cases. Contact us today to see how we can help you.