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Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. is a provider of background screening services for a diverse range of organizations and clientele. Our services include fingerprinting, criminal background checks, record checks and document authentication. We do the legwork in our established field of expertise so that you can have peace of mind doing what you do best.

Reliability Screening Solutions Inc.

Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. is an industry leader in the field of personnel background screening. Our experience and contacts combine to give employers peace of mind that their staff will be up to the task and without blemish.

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As a federally incorporated company which has been accredited by the RCMP, Reliability Screening knows where to get the best equipment for capturing high-quality fingerprints for your customer. For digital fingerprinting, we recommend the LiveScan system to capture accurate and clear biometrics for background screening. Our team can provide remote installation support and training to help you get started with your system.

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Fingerprinting Services

Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. is a full-service provider. Whether you need your employees fingerprinted for a Security Clearance, or you just want peace of mind that your team is second to none, we’re your best choice. To discuss how Reliability Screening can best meet your needs, please refer to the Contact Us page to schedule a consultation.

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Referral Program

If you’re a licensed fingerprinting provider located outside of Canada, consider joining our referral program! Through our international fingerprinting services for RCMP background checks, we end up working with clients from all over the world. As we continue to grow our international directory of providers, we’d love to have you be a part of it. When you join our referral program, you’ll be on our list of fingerprinting service providers we send to clients looking for services in their area.

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Place an order for one of Reliability Screening’s most requested services. Wether you’re a returning customer or want to create an account to begin, you can do it here.
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