What You Need to Know About Digital Fingerprinting

When submitting a criminal background check with a company, employees may be required to undergo digital fingerprinting. If the fingerprinting results show no criminal charges by Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services, the results can take as little as 72 hours to complete, and with the added benefit of no ink-stained fingers. Reasons for Using Digital Fingerprinting In ad.....Read More

What to Know About the New Mandatory Electronic Fingerprint Requirement

New measures are being taken regarding security screening for all government contractors, with a new fingerprint-based security clearance system now taking the place of traditional security methods. Read answers to common questions regarding this new law.  What's Changing About This Procedure? In an effort to keep federal government employees and contractors accountable, instead of a .....Read More

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When Do You Need a Legalized and Authenticated Criminal Background Check?

Many scenarios call for obtaining a legalized and authenticated criminal background check. Canadian document authentication is much easier to secure than many realize, but how does one know if it is necessary? When is a Criminal Background Check Required? If an individual is traveling to another country for work, asked to provide a police record check for a new job, or planning.....Read More

The Secret Behind the Best Turnaround Times in the Industry

Reliability Screening offers fast turnaround times because our organization is built for speed and dependability. We use digital submission to send prints instantaneously to the RCMP. Fast and Accurate Software Our comprehensive software is designed to quickly and reliably submit applications and track them afterwards. Designed to maximize accuracy and minimize any chance of er.....Read More

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