Reliability Can Facilitate Your Canadian Fingerprint-Based Record Check from the UAE

Fingerprinting for Canadian Background Checks for Those Living in the UAE

If you’re in the United Arab Emirates and need fingerprinting for a Canadian records check, Reliability Screening can help. Why would you need a Canadian record check in the UAE? If you’ve ever lived or spent substantial time in Canada and are applying for employment or travel/immigration status in the UAE or elsewhere, it’s very likely that you’ve been asked to get fingerprinted and provide a criminal record check to show your clean record during your time in Canada. That means you need the RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check.

The RCMP is the national police service in Canada, and they maintain the databases for criminal record checks. While the process is rather straightforward, RCMP has certain standards for fingerprinting. Count on Ottawa-based Reliability Screening Solutions, Inc., to facilitate your Canadian fingerprint-based criminal record check. We are highly experienced and very familiar with RCMP procedures and criteria for fingerprints to get the record check, and we have fast turnaround times to get the results back to you in the UAE ASAP.

Reliability Screening Is Your Canadian Partner for Fingerprint-Based Processing

Based in Ottawa, Canada, we specialize in background screening and fingerprinting services Read our reviews & testimonials and you’ll see that we’re trusted by thousands of individuals and organizations in Canada and around the world.

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How it Works

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1. Complete Form Online

Use our convenient online ordering tool to order the correct Fingerprinting check, and receive a detailed list of the documents we will require from you.

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2. Necessary Information

Once payment is complete, we’ll require a few different forms emailed or mailed in order to complete your Fingerprint check with the RCMP database.

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3. We Handle The Rest

We file your documents with the RCMP to ensure you receive your Fingerprint check results as quickly as possible. Wait times vary depending on the specifics of your check.

Official UAE

Fingerprint Documents

Personal Information

In the UAE, the police or Ministry of Interior will check your ID – please be sure these details are noted on your fingerprint form.


You may find that some locales run fingerprinting differently from others. The important thing is that the prints are inked and stamped or signed.


Police Documentation

To obtain fingerprinting services in the UAE, check the website for the Ministry of Interior to locate an office near you; make sure the card is stamped or signed before leaving!

About Us

Canadian Record Check with Fingerprints Taken in the UAE

If you live in the UAE and need to get fingerprints taken for a Canadian criminal record check, let Reliability Screening help facilitate the process. From Dubai and Sharjah to Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, we’ll advise what you need along the way and will be here to help.

Adhering to Proper Standards

With our experience as trusted partners in the Canadian fingerprinting and record check process, we’ll be able to guide you to get fingerprints taken in the UAE that are acceptable for the RCMP to process your Canadian criminal record check.


Frequently Asked Questions

Reliability Screening is accredited by the RCMP to submit electronic fingerprints to CCRTIS in support of criminal record checks. In order to get a Canadian Fingerprint Based Criminal Record Check in the United Arab Emirates or abroad, you must get your prints taken in black ink, and then digitized and submitted to CCRTIs by an accredited company, such as Reliability Screening.

To get your fingerprints taken for a RCMP Criminal Background Check in the UAE, you will have to go to a police station. Depending on where you re in the emirates, you will have to direct yourself to a station of one of the following police services:

  • Abu Dhabi Police
  • Ajman Police
  • Dubai Police Force
  • Fujairah Police
  • Ras Al Khaimah Police
  • Sharjah Police
  • Umm Al Quwain Police

We recommend you call the police station ahead of time to ensure that they can take your fingerprints. Some smaller police stations in the UAE are not set up to take fingerprints.

The Embassy of Canada to the United Arab Emirates can not take your fingerprints. In order to get a RCMP Criminal Background check in the United Arab Emirates, you will need to get your fingerprints taken by the local police authority where you are in the Emirates and send them to a company which is accredited to digitize your fingerprints and submit them to CCRTIS, such as Reliability Screening. The Embassy of Canada to the United Arab Emirates is also unable to give you any updates or explanation of the results of your criminal record check.

While the United Arab Emirates has 7 administrative divisions, and some areas are even under joint control of two emirates, the process for getting your Canadian Criminal Background check remains largely the same. The only difference in the process between the Emirates is which police station you direct yourself to in order to get your fingerprints taken.

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Fast, Amazing services, nice team, great customer service!

G. A.

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Having had my fingerprints taken before for previous Visa application with other companies, I can honestly say this was the fastest and most hassle free process I have ever had. The staff are very professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the business. I would not just recommend Reliability screening I can whole heartedly say from experience you would be silly to trust anyone else with such an important and sensitive application.

Matt O.

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They did such a great support to get me CRC. Quick response, descent introductions. I felt very reliable by their work.

Kaito S.

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