What You Need to Know About Digital Fingerprinting

When submitting a criminal background check with a company, employees may be required to undergo digital fingerprinting. If the fingerprinting results show no criminal charges by Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services, the results can take as little as 72 hours to complete, and with the added benefit of no ink-stained fingers.

Reasons for Using Digital Fingerprinting

In addition to employees needing a background check for security clearance or pre-employment screening, Canadian fingerprinting is required for Visa applications, citizenship applications, and adoption applications, as well as security guard licenses and medical marijuana licensed producers. Digital fingerprinting eliminates the chances of an applicant making a soft match with someone else who shares the same name and date of birth.

How Does it Work?

Submitting fingerprints electronically for a criminal background check is relatively easy. Simply visit a police station or accredited agency with a LiveScan device. These machines have replaced traditional ink and paper fingerprinting measures. Personal information needed to fill the request is entered directly into the agency’s software to create an electronic application. All fingerprints are destroyed after the results are released.

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